Osler Works - Transactional launches in Ottawa

Oct 5, 2016

All clients expect their law firms to innovate and collaborate with them in the delivery of practical, cost-effective legal solutions. One area that affords the greatest opportunity for a more nimble service model is capital markets/transactions support. Osler Works - Transactional is a fully staffed and technology-enabled platform that supports our deal teams with a streamlined and consistent set of due diligence and closing-related services for our clients.

“Osler has a history of investing in innovation so we know how to design, test and deliver a new practice model for critical aspects of our business. Our transactions work will always be fundamental to Osler’s business. We recruited a core team of specialists to support services such as due diligence, contract analysis, searches, minute books and closings in a manner that is transparent and predictable,” says Emmanuel Pressman, Chair of Osler’s Corporate Department. 

A dedicated team under the direction of Natalie Munroe is already working with Osler clients to deliver these service offerings. Natalie brings a 360 degree perspective to this new role at Osler. She is a well-respected lawyer who has practiced on both sides of the border and has served as senior legal counsel in-house. She brings substantive experience and deep insights into what clients need and expect from their advisors.

Osler has invested in a number of innovative technologies, including Kira Systems, Closing Folders, DocuSign and Contract Express, to enhance and systematize our due diligence and closing services. These technologies are being used firm-wide.

“We know clients are choosing law firms that understand their business and can provide timely and practical legal services. We are here to focus on what is important to them, reduce risk and turnaround time, and support the client’s internal team,” says Natalie Munroe.