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Lawyers and the AI knowledge gap

Author(s): Simon Wormwell, Gillian S.G. Scott

Dec 13, 2021

While lawyers increasingly recognize the importance of legal technology, and specifically artificial intelligence (AI), for efficient and effective client service, there remains a significant gap between the anticipation of the impact of technology and an understanding of the technology itself. In the recent Future Ready Lawyer report, 70% of responding lawyers in corporate legal departments noted that AI will have an impact on their organization in the next three years. However, only 28% of respondents indicated that they understand AI technology very well. A similar gap in knowledge was found among responding lawyers at law firms.

In this article, we hope to reduce that knowledge gap by way of a practical review of some common legal work that can be supported by AI tools readily available today, much of which can be applied in contracting, a core component of any legal department...