Advice from our Lawyers

  • The best advice I got early in my student years was to forget that I was a student, and to quickly start acting like someone “owning” matters and clients’ trust. This is a firm that provides a great platform and a ton of opportunities. I was and am still pleasantly surprised how much it empowers its younger members to act on those opportunities and pursue entrepreneurial initiatives to develop their own.

    François Paradis

    Partner, Corporate

  • Just remember that, as counsel, our job is essentially to make our clients' lives easier. In your case, the client is typically the assigning lawyer. You should approach every assignment with a view to delivering a work product that allows the assigning lawyer to service the client in the most efficient and effective way possible, and anticipates potential hurdles. This mindset should guide you in all aspects of the deliverable, from the substantive content to the form, timing and manner of delivery.

    Craig Lockwood

    Partner, Litigation

  • Get out there and meet people, build a network, nourish relationships.

    Sophie Amyot

    Associate, Corporate

  • You are not expected to know all of the answers, but you must instill confidence that you will be able to assist in figuring out the answers.

    Michael De Lellis

    Partner, Insolvency & Restructuring

  • Take every opportunity and don’t be afraid to be proactive.

    Laura Webb

    Associate, Corporate