Advice to My Student Self

  • Recruitment can be exhausting; to beat that, focus on the parts of the process you can enjoy. You will get to meet a lot of very interesting people in a short period of time, even at firms you don’t end up going to. Worry less about making the ‘right’ impression, and instead, be open to the people and the culture of each firm. Remember, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you!

    Mary Angela Rowe

    Associate, Research

  • It is absolutely essential to treat everyone you meet in the course of your legal journey – including law school classmates, your peers, firm staff, opposing counsel, clients and court staff – with courtesy and respect. Your reputation as a member of the profession is invaluable and can become one of your greatest assets wherever your career takes you.

    Steven Dickie

    Partner, Employment & Labour

  • Don’t be afraid to express and pursue your interests, but keep an open mind.

    Sarah Firestone

    Associate, Litigation

  • Lawyers love to talk about themselves! I didn’t realize how generous people were with their time so take advantage of it. Conversations with practicing lawyers are the best way to learn about what kind of lawyer you’d like to be.

    Alexandra McLennan Brown

    Associate, Tax

  • When it comes to choosing articling rotations, even if you think you know what area you’re most interested in, make sure to choose a variety of practice groups. You might find something that you didn’t know you were interested in, and if you don’t you’ll get to learn about areas and meet people in groups you might not otherwise work with regularly.

    Elliot Smith

    Partner, Construction & Infrastructure