Our Students' Experience

  • My first summer at Osler has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I had the pleasure to work alongside and learn from the lawyers in the Tax group. Over the course of the summer, I was exposed to a vast variety of complex and highly stimulating files but, more importantly, I was quickly integrated in the team. What made Osler stand out during the recruitment process - authenticity, flexibility, and mentorship - has proven to be true since my first day at the firm. I am grateful for the knowledge I've gained and friendships I've made in my first summer and look forward to launching my career at Osler.

    Yulia Yugay

  • I’m very grateful to have summered and articled at Osler. Students at the firm are given every opportunity to take on meaningful work in a variety of practice areas and to shape their interests while working alongside some of Canada’s most respected lawyers. The support network of formal and informal mentors is always available to assist and takes pride when students excel. Students also benefit from Osler’s exceptional professional development program, which covers everything from improving your professional presence to substantive lessons on the law.

    Sean Stidwill

    Summer Student, 2014, Articling Student, 2015/2016, Toronto

  • My first summer at Osler has been a  phenomenal experience. I was immediately given a high level of autonomy to work on complex corporate files with talented associates and partners. What set Osler apart during recruitment was its dedication to professional and personal development through extensive training as well as its commitment to teamwork, mentorship, and community involvement. In practice, the firm is truly committed to these goals, and the environment is collegial, supportive, and intellectually challenging. I look forward to my future at Osler due to the invaluable professional experiences that it offers as well as its enriching culture.

    Marisa Corona

    Summer Student 2015-2016, Articling Student 2017, Montréal

  • It is a privilege to work alongside the talented lawyers that make up the Osler team. The legal minds you will encounter are as brilliant as they are diverse, and are always willing to teach. But what truly sets Osler apart is the ever-positive attitude of its people, which makes coming to work each day a true pleasure.

    Chloe Cavaliere

    Summer Student 2014, Articling Student 2014/2015, Montréal

  • The Osler student experience provides you with an exceptional foundation on which to build a successful and fulfilling legal career. As an Osler student you will feel like an integral member of the team from your first day, with: hands-on experience, challenging assignments and a highly-skilled roster of legal professionals to support and guide you along the way.

    Yulia Konarski

    Summer Student, 2014 and 2015, 2016/2017 Articling Student,Ottawa

  • I was involved in all aspects of the practice and exposed to the highest quality of work. Osler's distinguished Intellectual Property Group is one of the leading IP practices in Canada. As such, I gained exposure to complex IP matters, while working alongside some of the most well-respected lawyers in this area of law. I was consistently challenged to apply my legal skills and given many opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the firm.  The student experience not only provided me with excellent training, but I truly felt that I was a valued and supported member of the Osler team.

    Lillian Wallace

    Articling Student and 2013 Summer Student, 2014-2015, Ottawa

  • A few things stand out when you start as a student. For one, students aren’t jettisoned in a student room where mandates drip in by way of an impersonal group email. Spread out across the Montreal office, students sit right in the middle of the action. In my first summer, I was paired with a second summer student in an office on the business law floor. This made my integration that much smoother. I could turn to him with mundane questions and learn about those little tricks and norms that, in the long run, make all the difference. My firm “buddy” was two doors away, so I could get progressively involved on mandates as the early weeks of training waned. Now, in my second summer, I’m in the middle of the tax floor in an office where I can hear myself think. Although I don’t share the office with a first summer student, I pass on those tricks at the weekly student sessions where students discuss their experiences and share practice points. Of course, there are many other things that make the student experience stand out. I encourage you to read about them in my colleagues’ blurbs.

    Daniel Stysis

    Summer Student 2016/2017, Montréal

  • My experience at Osler this summer has been challenging but very enriching. At Osler, you feel supported at every step to ensure you have the best learning experience. From the onset you are treated like a trusted part of the team. It is truly the people at Osler that make this such a remarkable work environment where you can learn every single day from your colleagues.

    Natasha Vincelli

  • My summer at Osler has been an excellent. I spent a large part of my time working on a discrete project and the opportunity to be a part of this team and do real legal work at this stage in my career was an invaluable experience. The work that I received was challenging, but everyone that I worked for was very approachable and receptive of questions. In addition, one of my favourite things about the firm is that there is not a particular “type” of person that works here. The office is made up of a diverse group of people with different experiences that you can learn from.

    Meg Hiles

    Summer Student 2017, Articling Student 2018/2019, Calgary

  • My summer experience at Osler was excellent. The lawyers and staff were invested in making it a great learning experience for the students. Everyone was welcoming, patient, and helpful. I was also lucky to be part of a great group of students that valued teamwork. I am very excited to come back for articling next year.

    Sergio Ortega

    Summer Student 2017, Calgary, Articling Student 2018/2019, Vancouver