Corporate Governance in Challenging Times

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January 26, 2016


7:30 AM - 9:00 AM




Corporate Governance


Deloitte Calgary Office

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Upcoming Events - In Person


Directors of oil and gas companies, or those of companies with material exposure to the Energy sector, face unprecedented challenges as they seek to guide their enterprises through a period of substantial market uncertainty. While the challenges corporate directors face in the current economic environment are significant, the duties that they owe and the standards to which they are subject have not changed.

Please join Deloitte and Osler as we host interactive roundtable discussions between small groups of corporate directors from across the full spectrum of Alberta’s Energy sector. The discussion at each session will be private and address some of the issues currently facing directors. Topics of discussion are expected to include:

  • Fiduciary responsibilities, standards of care and strategies to meet those obligations
  • Directors' exposure to personal liability and mitigation strategies
  • Formal and informal restructuring options
  • De-leveraging and dealing with creditors
  • Reserve write-downs and impairments
  • Shareholder and bondholder activism
  • Hostile takeovers and defensive strategies


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