Outsourcing for Financial Institutions - Practical Strategies for Complying with OSFI B-10

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February 24, 2016


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


Osler Toronto Office, 63rd Floor, First Canadian Place

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In recent years, cloud-based service offerings have evolved as an increasingly attractive service option for organizations to improve service, efficiency and reduce operating costs. The OSFI B-10 Guidelines establish the expected risk management framework that federally regulated financial institutions ("FRFIs") are expected to follow when engaging in outsourcing activities. An FRFI seeking to take advantage of cloud-based services for a material outsourcing faces a difficult challenge in determining if the arrangement is permitted under the B-10 Guidelines, and what contractual terms would be required to satisfy the B-10 Guidelines.

Join Osler's Technology team for an interactive risk assessment workshop where we will review the B-10 Guideline requirements as they relate to cloud-based services arrangements and discuss practical strategies for engaging in cloud-based services outsourcing arrangements.

The workshop will focus on:

  • Elements of the B-10 Guidelines that create particular compliance challenges for cloud-based service arrangements
  • Recommendations for the introduction of elements into your outsourcing risk management governance framework that are specifically directed to the management of the risks associated with cloud-based services

Registration Info

If you interested in attending this complimentary seminar, please email Lindsay Taylor at seminars@osler.com

This workshop is the first in a series of seminars that will be offered in 2016 around legal developments and know-how in the Tech industry. Stay tuned for our next session on April 26, focusing on Negotiation Strategies.

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