Opportunities and Obligations – The Road Forward – Osler’s Annual Pensions & Benefits Seminar

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June 5, 2018



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Osler’s annual Pensions & Benefits seminar hosts Osler lawyers and special guest speakers to discuss the new DB funding rules and other current issues in pensions and benefits law.
Our discussion will include:

Ontario’s New DB Funding Rules Come Into Focus – Implications for Plan Funding and Investments

  • Overview of current funding rules and proposed new rules  

  • Contrasting Quebec and Ontario approaches

  • Case Studies: Impact of new funding rules on different plans

  • Implications of new funding rules on pension investments 

Guest Speakers

Trending Issues and Developments – An Update on Recent Legal Developments 

  • Benefit plans: how will marijuana legalization impact employer benefit plans?  

  • Changing pension regulation: what do new regulatory powers and FSRA mean for Ontario plans?

  • Pension de-risking: does Ontario’s new buy-out annuity discharge provide new opportunities?

  • Variable benefit payments for DC plans: What the proposed regulations mean

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