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Osler’s translation team, based in its Montréal office, is made up of seasoned lawyers and legal translators. The team, headed by a lawyer with close to 20 years of experience in the industry, is skilled in all relevant areas pertaining to the translation of legal and commercial documents. It is one of the most experienced and integrated translation teams in the industry that distinguishes itself by rendering all translations in‑house rather than by outsourcing. All team members work in close collaboration and proactively and provide high quality and timely service to our national and international clients involved in growth-critical transactions. In addition, our clients take advantage of the guidance and advice provided by our lawyers in the Translation Department on their obligations pursuant to language laws and any issue relating to securities legislation.

The Translation Department also draws upon its outstanding administrative support team, whose members are carefully selected on the basis of their language and technical skills. Moreover, the Department makes use of the most sophisticated translation and drafting support tools on the market, in order to provide a consistent, timely and efficient service.

Takeover Bids

A takeover bid is a crucial step in our clients’ growth and development. They often need their documents translated within extremely tight deadlines and, as the due dates get nearer, the requests and requirements usually increase. In this environment, our clients need a team of translators and lawyers who can deal with the unexpected and meet all types of demands without giving in to pressure. At Osler, each and every task is done as it should be, in the proper sequence and within the time limits.

Corporate Finance

Issuers and investment dealers planning a public offering in Québec must comply with the province’s language laws. This means that certain disclosure documents must also be prepared in French.

The Osler translation team has the experience, the skills and the resources to help issuers and investment dealers fulfil their language-related obligations. The team members possess the required knowledge in a wide range of sectors (in particular technology, financial services, investment funds, oil and natural gas, mining, gaming, real estate, retail, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and manufacturing). They can manage and complete translation assignments for all types of financing.

Continuous Disclosure

Companies and other issuers in Canada are required to file numerous documents within prescribed deadlines, including annual information forms, proxy circulars and material change reports, with securities authorities in each province and territory in which they are reporting issuers.

Although translation is not required as long as the documents are not incorporated by reference in a prospectus, many issuers of all sizes systematically have their continuous disclosure documents translated, thereby ensuring they are always reaching all investors in the market and are ready to seize market opportunities as they arise.

Contracts & Other Documents

Parties seeking to transact with Québec residents are regularly required to draft agreements in French, either to comply with Québec language laws or simply to accommodate one or several parties to a transaction. As well, companies carrying on business in Québec are required to have business forms and employment-related documents available in French in order to comply with Québec language laws.

The Web and Social Networks

Technology is now an integral part of business. Websites and social networks are fantastic marketing and showcase tools that play a key role in maintaining a good reputation and good client relations. Therefore, it is important to use clear and precise language that readers will understand and relate to. For many years now, our Translation Department has been helping clients communicate clearly in the language of their target market, through websites and social networks alike.


Samuel Cohen

Associate, Translation


  • Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund

    Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund in its $110 million public offering of convertible debentures

  • Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund

    Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund in its $86.5 million bought deal equity offering

  • Acasti Pharma Inc.

    Acasti Pharma Inc., translation of a Management Discussion & Analysis of the Financial Situation and Operating Results and a Management Proxy Circular

  • Bank of Montreal

    Bank of Montreal, translation of the Bank’s Proxy Circular and various internal documents, Prospectus Supplements and Term Sheets

  • Royal Bank of Canada

    Royal Bank of Canada, translation of Prospectuses, Annual Information Forms and documents relating to various Mutual Funds managed by RBC Global Asset Management Inc.

  • Chartwell Retirement Residences

    Chartwell Retirement Residences, translation of the Annual Information Form, the Proxy Circular and a Short-Form Base Shelf Prospectus

  • Chemtrade Logistics

    Chemtrade Logistics, translation of an Annual Information Form and Prospectus

  • China Molybdenum Co., Ltd.

    China Molybdenum Co., Ltd., translation of various documents relating to the acquisition of the Tenke Fungurume copper and cobalt mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Dream Industrial LP

    Dream Industrial LP, translation of a Short-Form Base Shelf Prospectus

  • Dream Real Estate Investment Trust

    Dream Real Estate Investment Trust, translation of a Prospectus, an Annual Information Form and related documents

  • Dream Office Real Estate Investment Trust

    Dream Office Real Estate Investment Trust, translation of documents relating to an issuer bid, including the Offer to purchase and Circular, the Letter of Transmittal and the Notice of Guaranteed Delivery, as well as a material change report

  • Dream Global Real Estate Investment Trust

    Dream Global Real Estate Investment Trust, translation of a Short-Form Base Shelf Prospectus, Prospectus Supplement and a Press Release

  • PRO Real Estate Investment Fund

    PRO Real Estate Investment Fund, translation of various Press Releases, a Management Proxy Circular and a Simplified Prospectus

  • Smart Real Estate Investment Fund

    Smart Real Estate Investment Fund, translation of a Declaration of Trust, a Management Proxy Circular and an Annual Information Form

  • Fortified Trust – Bank of Montreal

    Fortified Trust – Bank of Montreal, translation of the Annual Information Form

  • BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited

    BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited, translation of Prospectuses and disclosure documents related to various investment funds, including the iShares Exchange-Traded Funds

  • WisdomTree Asset Management Canada

    WisdomTree Asset Management Canada, translation of Prospectuses, Press Releases and documents relating to its investment products

  • TD Asset Management Inc.

    TD Asset Management Inc., translation of an amendment relating to an Annual Information Form and a Prospectus, a Joint Management Proxy Circular, a Notice-and-Access Document and a Proxy Form

  • Hydro One Limited

    Hydro One Limited, translation of a Simplified Prospectus, a Prospectus Supplement and Term Sheets

  • Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited

    Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited, translation of marketing materials and a Senate Submission; review of the terms and conditions of a loyalty program

  • Innova Gaming Group

    Innova Gaming Group, translation of a Directors’ Circular, a fairness opinion and the Notice of Change to Directors’ Circular

  • The Bank of Nova Scotia

    The Bank of Nova Scotia, translation of the Bank’s Proxy Circular, related documents and contracts

  • The Toronto-Dominion Bank

    The Toronto-Dominion Bank, translation of a Policy on proxy access and a Submission presented to the Department of Finance

  • Stars Group Inc. (formerly, Amaya Inc.)

    Stars Group Inc. (formerly, Amaya Inc.), translation of various Press Releases and other business documents, including an Annual Information Form and a Proxy Circular

  • Microsoft Canada Inc.

    Microsoft Canada Inc., translation of a list of Q&As for the Office de la protection du consommateur regarding the Windows 10 automatic updates

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