In Person Event

Cybersecurity: A Primer for Executives, Managers and Counsel


Jan 27, 2017


Calgary, Alberta

Adam LaRoche

Associate, Privacy and Data Management; Employment and Labour, Calgary

Shaun Parker

Partner, Employment and Labour, Calgary

Brian Thiessen, KC

Calgary Managing Partner, Calgary

Cyber-attacks are a real and present threat for companies. Next to government, the energy sector is targeted more than any other industry. Hackers, including state-sponsored hackers, can cripple business, such as by attacking physical infrastructure and assets, attacking supply chain systems, and stealing intellectual property.

This seminar has been specially designed for executives, managers and legal counsel, and will address:

  1. The cybersecurity threat landscape;
  2. Governance issues created by cybersecurity threats; and
  3. Best practices for protecting your business from cyber-attacks.