In Person Event

Montreal is at the heart of the artificial intelligence boom: a unique opportunity for Québec entrepreneurs. How to take advantage of it?


Nov 14, 2016



Nathalie Beauregard

Partner, Emerging and High Growth Companies, Montréal

Did you know that Montreal is at the heart of the artificial intelligence (AI) boom and that it has the largest pool of AI researchers in the world at the Institut de valorisation des données (IVADO)?

You are invited to attend a conference hosted by two experts.

Yoshua Bengio, leader in the AI field, IVADO’s Scientific Director, founder of MILA's (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms) and Director of the Canada Research Chair in statistical learning algorithms, will introduce you to "deep learning" and artificial intelligence.

Alexandre Le Bouthillier, entrepreneur and CEO of Imagia, will, in turn, give a presentation entitled, “Deep Radionomics, Personalizing Cancer Care”, which will highlight what image recognition and processing of massive data can reveal to help us deal with certain types of cancer more effectively.