In Person Event

Strategic Days on Commercial Leases


Jan 7, 2019


4 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Montréal, Quebec


Yan A. Besner

Partner, Real Estate, Montréal

CLE / CPD Credit Information

  • Quebec – General credits - 1.00

As part of the Strategic Days on Commercial Leases, Yan Besner, partner at Osler, will give the conference « Franchir le louage aux franchises ».

Are you a lessor? Are you a franchisor? Are you a franchisee? Are you confused? The stakes of retail commercial leasing with franchisors and franchisees are not that limited. We will provide an overview of the most important, sensitive and negotiated lease provisions. We will also discuss the different lease structures used when the franchisor finds a site for his franchisee. Is there one way better than the other? Also, how to settle the sublease with the franchisee or the tripartite agreement?