In Person Event

The Osgoode Certificate in Contract Management for Construction and Infrastructure Projects


May 14, 2018


Toronto, Ontario

Joel Heard

Partner, Commercial, Toronto

Carly Fidler

Partner, Disputes, Toronto

Rocco Sebastiano

Partner, Commercial, Toronto

Andrew Wong

Partner, Commercial, Toronto

Designed and delivered by an expert faculty of practitioners and contract administrators, this unique certificate will provide you with the tools you need to manage your contracts effectively. Once you’ve entered into a contract, you need to ensure that you are properly equipped to handle all of the problems that may come up during the life of that contract. In this interactive and practical program, you will hear from experts and develop both your substantive knowledge and practical skills to deliver and execute an efficient, productive and time-saving contract management process. Topics include:

  • Before the contract: Risk management
    • Identifying potential risks and how they might impact your project
    • Recognizing risk areas in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of your project
  • Negotiating and communicating with vendors
    • Overall strategies, styles and techniques when communicating and negotiating with the vendor
    • How to best handle any potential changes to the contract including amendments and changes in circumstances
    • How to monitor implementation of the contract and address any performance issues
  • Alignment of the internal legal, commercial, procurement, technical and administration teams – the importance of making sure everyone is on the same page

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