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Privacy stakes higher than ever in 2018 for regulators, businesses and citizen

Author(s): Patricia Kosseim, Adam Kardash

Dec 18, 2018

Major data breaches the world over have caught the attention of boards of directors. Boards are becoming increasingly seized with these issues and starting to ask more scrutinizing questions of senior management about the privacy and security posture of their organizations. Regulators have been fortified in their data protection mission and, together with consumer protection, competition and human rights regulators, are increasingly co-ordinating their efforts to combat global internet giants and the privacy risks posed by new and emerging business models. Parliamentarians are likewise concerned about the efficacy of Canada’s laws in responding to growing cyber risks that are threatening privacy, critical infrastructure and democracy itself. Committee after committee, report after report, and recommendation after recommendation have called for Canada’s privacy laws to be strengthened and the Federal Privacy Commissioner to be granted more powers and resources. And consumers and citizens are becoming increasingly irate with media reports about what is being done with their personal data behind the scenes. They are starting to push back by signing petitions, lodging complaints and voting with their feet.

Privacy and security stakes shot up for everyone in 2018, across sectors, industries and jurisdictions, with data breaches, EU’s GDPR and digital ethics taking centre stage...


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