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Critical minerals: A test for the Canadian mining industry

Author(s): Alan Hutchison, James R. Brown

Jan 11, 2022

While the pivot away from fossil fuels as a power source is not a new concept, 2022 may have marked a tipping point for the Canadian mining industry in the pursuit of “critical minerals” to facilitate this transition. As we discuss in our Energy Transition article, the push towards energy transition and a net-zero future has accelerated, emphasizing critical minerals in the drive towards non-carbon based fuel sources. In 2022, the Canadian federal government focused on the development of a critical minerals strategy and implemented a number of measures designed to support the strategy and focus on the advancement of critical minerals projects. At the same time, the government has taken action to reduce the influence of foreign state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in critical minerals. In this article, we summarize a number of recent developments related to critical minerals in Canada...

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