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How dense is too dense? Challenges of urban densification

Author(s): Paul Morassutti

Jan 11, 2023

During the height of the pandemic, we witnessed a greatly accelerated increase in online shopping and the resulting impact it had on real estate – the demand for industrial space became insatiable while the demand for physical retail space was tepid at best. This trend appears likely to continue for the foreseeable future, though concerted efforts towards return to office in some sectors has provided some assistance to physical retail space in core urban markets with dense office populations.

We are now witnessing another societal-induced effect on real estate, albeit one that has been much more gradual in the making – the “densification” of urban real estate. While this trend is arising primarily in response to urban migration and resulting shortages in affordable residential real estate, it is likely to have ripple effects in many other real estate sectors. These changes therefore bear watching by every participant in the real estate space...

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