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The evolving regulatory landscape of virtual care in Canada

Author(s): Michael Watts, Susan Newell, Lauren Hebert

Jan 11, 2023

With several years of experience, including more than two years during the pandemic alone, virtual care is no longer considered a novel health service in Canada. However, the legal framework for virtual care remains inconsistent and varied among health professions and across the provinces and territories. Changes implemented by many health regulatory authorities during 2022 created a disjointed patchwork of rules. This suggests that further deviation is likely in the coming years and it may be some time before a consistent approach to the virtual care regulatory landscape emerges in Canada.

As a result, regulated health professionals, health technology platforms and other industry stakeholders in the health industry that facilitate the delivery of virtual care services in various jurisdictions of Canada or that offer interdisciplinary health services through virtual care have a challenging task of understanding and complying with a variety of different legal frameworks. And these regulatory landscapes are continuously evolving...

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