Osler Works – Innovation Program

Leveraging disruption

As your business evolves, so do we. Through our Innovation Program, we are accelerating the pace at which we leverage market-leading technology, our alternative service delivery centre and our innovative tools to deliver more value.

Through the program, we fund new projects and provide expert guidance, technology, resources and project management support. Our Innovation Council and team of knowledge management and project management specialists work with lawyers across all of our practices to streamline service delivery and develop new tools and products.

Osler innovation at work

Osler Works – Transactional offers clients transaction support using market-leading technologies (including AI) and our alternative delivery centre to provide cost savings on legal due diligence, contract analysis, closings and other recurring elements of transactions. Osler Works – Discovery delivers effective and cost-efficient discovery and document review services to support clients across all litigation categories, including class actions and tax-related disputes. Osler Works – Tools and Products includes a suite of tools and products that helps you to do business and helps us drive down the cost of service delivery. Osler Works – Legal Project Management provides legal process management that combines technology, planning tools and open communication to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to provide services from our clients’ point of value.

Innovation Program in action

Technology Adoption

We embrace technological disruption and see it as an opportunity to develop legal solutions that deliver the highest value. We are accelerating the pace at which we deploy and seemlessly integrate productivity- and solution-enhancing technology. We can also assist clients in considering similar technology for internal processes.

Talent Management

We are unleashing the potential of our tech-savvy and entrepreneurial lawyers. We attract and develop the professionals needed to enhance service delivery and create tools and products that best support your business and your bottom line.

Disciplined Execution

Our process-driven approach to innovation enables us to build on our past successes in delivering client-centric solutions.

Collaborative Development

At Osler, innovation begins and ends with our clients. By collaborating with client stakeholders, the tech community and educational institutions, we find new ways to deliver more client value.

Technology adoption

We don’t just license the latest technology, we use it and work with our vendors to drive improvements. Our team members have the knowledge and experience needed to adapt and expand the capabilities of new technologies and develop tailored solutions that best meet our clients’ needs. We’re in the market every day looking at how we can deploy smart technology to increase efficiencies and lower your legal spend. 



Talent management

Our people are the reason behind our innovation success. That is why we are dedicated to attracting and developing legal professionals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and giving them the support they need to unlock their potential.

Collaborative development

We know innovation is impossible in isolation – which is why listening, learning and collaboration are key in everything we do. We work with our clients, vendors, industry members and even crowdsource ideas across our firm, leveraging the ideas and talent of our team, our clients and the legal innovation ecosystem to advance our service delivery.

Our innovation team uses design thinking, process mapping and other lean six sigma tools to develop innovative streamlined processes both internally and for working with clients on their internal processes.

Disciplined execution

We have a process-driven approach to innovation that enables us to build on our past successes in delivering client-centric solutions. Guided by our National Innovation Leader and Innovation Council, this rigorous approach allows us to find, develop and test the ideas that will provide the best results and ensure they are focused on your point of value.

Key Contacts

Michael Fekete

Michael Fekete
National Innovation Leader
tel: 416.862.6792

Gillian Scott

Gillian Scott
Partner, Innovative Products
tel: 416.862.4872

Simon Wormwell

Simon Wormwell
Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer
tel: 416.862.6720