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Funding Pro Bono Ontario promotes access to justice

Nov 23, 2018 1 MIN READ

Recently, Pro Bono Ontario announced that it would cease to operate its court-based Law Help Centres in Toronto and Ottawa due to a lack of stable funding. Osler supports and champions the work of Pro Bono Ontario (PBO). PBO is a charity that connects Ontarians who cannot afford legal services with lawyers who want to give back to their communities.

A commitment to Pro Bono Ontario is an important step to supporting the administration of justice and the access to justice in Ontario. In 2017, PBO served more than 25,000 low-income Ontarians who do not qualify for the government-run Legal Aid systems. The organization helps to reduce the number of self-represented litigants and helps to avoid delays in Ontario’s courts. This results in more than $5 million of economic benefits.

We are committed to continue our support of PBO by volunteering our time and providing funding. Through individual partner and associate donations and our firm matching program, Osler has raised more than $20,000 to support PBO.