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Growth fund backed by big banks looking to pick up the pace of investment — Financial Post

May 21, 2019 1 MIN READ

The Canadian Business Growth Fund (CBGF) is aiming to increase its deal making this year, according to an article in Financial Post. In his article, author Geoff Zochodne explains how the Toronto-based CBGF, the investment fund backed by Canada’s largest financial institutions, is intending to “increase the tempo” of its investments. According to the article, the CBGF was inspired in part after the Canadian government’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth identified a lack of sources of “growth” capital in Canada, and called for a growth fund led by the private sector. Dale Ponder, the independent chair of the CBGF’s board of directors and Osler’s National Co-Chair, tells Financial Post that the fund is essentially a “group of competitors that have come together for a common purpose.”

“Getting behind Canadian industry, and helping them to scale up so that we regenerate ourselves, and we keep the best talent in this country, and employment, in particular, was something I could easily get behind,” Dale tells Financial Post.

For more information, read author Geoff Zochodne’s article “Growth fund backed by big banks looking to pick up the pace of investment” in Financial Post on May 21, 2019.