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Osler sponsors Canadian Peregrine Foundation nest webcam

Jun 8, 2018 1 MIN READ

Osler is proud to sponsor the Canadian Peregrine Foundation’s peregrine falcon nest webcam at the Sheraton Centre Toronto. Osler’s sponsorship also includes the banding process for the three male baby peregrine falcons born at that location.

The banding process, which helps keep track of growth of the at-risk species, involves weighing the falcons and banding their legs with bracelets in order to monitor their movements and health. Peregrine falcons have been nesting on the Sheraton roof for 20 years.  

As a sponsor, Osler had the privilege of naming one of the baby falcons and chose Geoff, in memory of our dear friend Geoff Taber.

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation is a non-profit group dedicated to the restoration and recovery of endangered and threatened birds of prey in Canada.

Read more about the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and view the Sheraton nest webcam. For further information, read “6 peregrine falcon babies banded at Sheraton Hotel in Toronto” in CBC News.

Photo credit: Lucie Kirchknopf