Osler helps support the launch of CDL Rapid Screening Consortium pilot program

Chad Bayne, Andrew MacDougall, Joanna Fine, Komil Joshi

Feb 5, 2021

COVID-19 is an unprecedented health crisis that has resulted in a loss of economic activity and the disruption of daily life. To address this incredible challenge, the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) established a consortium of leading multinational corporations, government, and university partners to solve the information problem of rapid COVID-19 testing.

This month, the CDL Rapid Screening Consortium began piloting their testing program with 11 leading multi-national corporations representing 350,000 employees nationally. Osler, as a long-time supporter of CDL, is proud to have helped the CDL Rapid Screening Consortium in its mission to develop a cost-effective system for reopening the economy in the absence of widely available vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. “Launching the CDL Rapid Screening pilots simply would not have been possible without Osler’s diligence on our legal files,” said Sonia Sennik, Executive Director Creative Destruction Lab.

The program is deemed to be among the first of its kind “among the Group of 7 industrialized nations” and is deservedly gaining global attention.

Learn more about the CDL Rapid Screening Consortium and read more about Osler's support of the consortium.

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