Osler Works – Transactional


Across all industries, technology is changing the way organizations operate, providing new efficiencies, capabilities and financial benefits. As businesses embrace this technical evolution, they are looking to their legal partners with the expectation that they change too, demanding faster and more efficient legal services at a lower cost – without sacrificing quality.

At Osler, we see technological disruption as an opportunity to provide new and better services to our clients. From AI to automation tools, we believe technology has the ability to transform legal service delivery. Software can be used to augment legal expertise and processes – and, if employed right, can help deliver better legal solutions.

Focused on corporate and commercial transaction support, Osler Works – Transactional leverages cutting-edge technology and the skills of a specialized team of lawyers and other professionals to assist the firm with its digital transformation and provide efficient, cost-effective legal solutions. This means you can expect better value for your legal spend on transaction-related matters, including legal due diligence, contract analysis, closings and other routine elements of complex transactions.

At the forefront of innovative service delivery, our Osler Works – Transactional team collaborates with both clients and vendors to create customized legal solutions that evolve with clients’ needs. We use streamlined processes and a number of technology platforms, including Kira Systems, Relativity, Closing Folders, DocuSign and Contract Express, to deliver transaction services that best serve your business and your bottom line.

Delivering transaction services differently

Based in our Ottawa office, Osler Works – Transactional uses the right mix of talent, processes and technologies to offer better business advantages and solutions for our clients. Here are just some of the reasons why we’re different:

  • We have a dedicated, specialized transactions team to serve you: Having a consistent, full-time team of legal experts and other professionals solely focused on innovative transactions support enables us to capitalize on our team members’ specialized knowledge and experience. Our team is in the market every day looking at how we can deploy smart technology to best serve our clients’ business requirements.  
  • We embrace disruption and effect change: Our job is to be creative and curious – we constantly scan the evolving technological landscape to find new ways to help our clients. We collaborate with our vendors to get the most of their technologies, and have even discovered new means of using their products more effectively to benefit our clients’ needs.
  • We customize our solutions: Smart, sophisticated technology is not plug and play. Our team members have the right knowledge and experience needed to adapt and expand the capabilities of new technologies. From training Kira Systems on several provisions in French to using a combination of Relativity and Kira Systems to identify relevant data for review in a document set, we tailor our technology tools to support your specific matter.
  • We collaborate with you: We work with you to understand your business and focus on what matters to you most, reducing risk, turn-around time and costs on your specific transactional requirements.

Saving clients time and money

Over the last three years, our growing Osler Works – Transactional team has helped hundreds of clients streamline their transactional processes and save time and costs. To date, our team has provided legal solutions for over 1,375 transaction-related matters, spanning all practice areas, including the following: