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The world’s data increases exponentially every year. As data processing speeds and bandwidths increase, innovative tools are conceived for creating, sharing and consuming data, and data creators and users continue to connect globally. A number of specific catalysts are driving this data expansion: email, smartphones and social networks increase data volumes enormously and they will continue to grow with the future introduction of 5G networks, and by 2030, 6G networks with speeds of  up to 1 terabyte per second.

What does this mean for your business? If you are facing a dispute or an investigation, it means you will have to collect more information, from more places and in more forms than ever before. Getting to the bottom of a case once involved reviewing a few boxes of hard copy documents. Today it requires combing through terabytes of data representing millions of documents.

Enter Osler Works – Disputes

Leveraging our decades of experience, technology that has been specifically designed to cull large volumes of data, and proven processes, we help you find the information that is critical to your disputes and investigations faster, better and more cost-effectively.

How do we help?


Advanced analytics tools, combined with technical expertise, allow for secure management of data and document review.

Defined Processes

From preservation and custodian interviews through to document production and presentation, each matter is handled efficiently and thoroughly through streamlined workflows, checklists, notices and reports.

eDiscovery Case Management

A dedicated eDiscovery Case Manager manages the technical aspects of your file throughout the eDiscovery process and acts as a single point of contact.

Project Management

A dedicated Project Manager handles the workflows, timelines and budget for your file to ensure a high quality work product that is delivered on time and on budget.

Vendor Partnerships

Long-standing strategic relationships with leading document review providers enable us to leverage outsourcing at preferred rates for first-level review with our oversight.

Key Contacts

Jennifer Thompson

Head, Osler Works – Disputes, Toronto

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