Osler ACTion™

Outsource your regulatory compliance monitoring

Is your team spending too much time trying to stay on top of changing laws, regulations and guidelines? Are you worried you are missing changes?

Let Osler ACTion™ – FI Regulatory Compliance monitor ongoing developments for you – so your team can focus on core business goals instead. Spend less time keeping up and more time on staying ahead.

What is Osler ACTion?

Osler ACTion – FI Regulatory Compliance is a subscription service of recent and pending Canadian federal and provincial legislative changes that apply to regulated financial institutions. Your subscription is customized to reflect legislation and guidance most important to your organization, and includes both monthly reports summarizing all changes and “real time” email alerts for changes as they happen.

Current. Cost-effective. Compliant

  • Stay current: Be confident that your team is up to date on laws, regulations and guidelines required by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.
  • Lower costs: Reduce costs by outsourcing the identification of ongoing legislative developments to Osler’s expert team and knowledge management resources.
  • Free up resources: Shift your team’s focus from routine, time-consuming tasks to core business objectives.
  • Anticipate changes: Get timely alerts with respect to proposed legislative changes and the coming into force of enacted provisions so that you can proactively address the changes affecting your organization.

Getting started

Contact us to find out how Osler ACTion can take on the tasks of identifying and monitoring changes for you. Please fill out the form below for more information.

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