Osler Dash™

Combining Osler’s market-leading franchise expertise with our investment in innovative technology, Osler Dash automates your franchise disclosure and contracting process.

Build and support your franchise network more efficiently

Automate your document processing: Save time, ensure greater accuracy, and use your company’s resources more effectively by implementing document automation for franchise disclosure and contracting.

Ensure compliance: Get the benefit of a franchise disclosure and contracting system with built-in compliance reflecting industry best practices. Changes to legislated requirements are tracked by Osler and built into the platform so that it is always up to date.

Centralize your process, documents and reporting: Franchisee information and documents are stored in a secure, personalized platform, for quick access and to keep your team organized. An interactive and customized dashboard provides reporting to suit your business needs.

Benefit from a platform tailored for your business: Take advantage of Osler’s in-house technical and project management expertise to set up your personalized platform and documents.

Collaborate from anywhere: Capture changes and ensure accuracy by having all of your franchisee information and documents in a centralized location accessible to your team.  Use customized workflows to streamline data collection and approval.

Osler Dash has three different offerings to best suit your needs:

We know businesses have unique needs. Osler Dash offers three different tiers of service to address the specific needs of your organization.


Dash Lite

Dash Select

Dash Plus

Organized document storage

Franchisee information database

Interactive dashboard for reporting and accessing relevant information

Franchise document automation


Franchise document management



Management of e-signature process



Getting started

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