In Person Event

TEI 56th Annual Canadian Tax Conference


May 5, 2024


9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Ottawa, Ontario



Mark Brender

Partner, Tax, Montréal

Patrick Marley

Partner, Tax, Toronto

The Honourable Marc Noël, KC

Partner, Tax, Ottawa

Osler is proud to sponsor TEI’s 56th Annual Canadian Tax Conference. This year’s program will feature workshops, income and commodity tax streams led by some of Canada’s leading tax practitioners.

This year, Osler Partner and former Chief Justice of the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal The Honourable Marc Noël, KC, will join the conference as a Guest Speaker on May 6. Osler Tax Partners Patrick Marley and Mark Brender will also present during the conference. Patrick Marley will lead a breakout session providing an Update on Pillar 2 (May 6), and Mark Brender will lead a breakout on the CRA’s new view on Safe Income (May 7).

Language:  English