Canadian Franchise Guide: Your Go-To Franchise Law Resource

Apr 17, 2017 2 MIN READ
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Andraya Frith

Partner, Chair: Franchise and Distribution, Toronto

Dominic Mochrie

Partner, Franchise and Distribution, Toronto

Gillian S.G. Scott

Partner, Litigation Operations & Products, Toronto


For franchisors looking to expand across Canada or internationally, effectively navigating the complexities of Canadian franchise legislation can be challenging. The second edition of the Canadian Franchise Guide is a comprehensive, 2,000-page resource designed to address these franchise issues in a convenient and simplified format.

Developed by our internationally recognized franchise law experts, this user-friendly resource is updated quarterly to help you stay informed on all the current franchise-related legal considerations affecting you. Leverage this tool to help your organization or your clients execute franchise objectives and navigate all franchise-related matters including complying with the onerous franchise disclosure requirements, starting or expanding a franchise, or bringing or defending business critical franchise litigation.

Franchise law practitioners can use this as a quick-reference resource to stay up-to-date on the latest franchise matters affecting their clients — including the nuances of provincial franchise legislation — and to keep abreast of the ever-changing ways in which courts interpret Canada’s franchise laws.

What you’ll get from this guide:

  • information on developing and operating a franchise system in Canada
  • insight on key Canadian legal considerations in the franchise model
  • a comprehensive review of franchising and the regulation of business practices in Canada
  • access to concise summaries of nearly 200 leading Canadian franchise decisions, updated quarterly
  • Quick Reference Guide to help you manoeuvre through complex franchise issues, and more

Osler’s franchise team is made up of internationally recognized legal professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping businesses grow through franchising. With more than 40 years of experience involving more than 400 franchise systems, Osler’s franchise team advises North American and international brands of all sizes in almost every product and service category.

The Canadian Franchise Guide is available in digital or paper format.

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