Osler comments on Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce consultation report

Sep 14, 2020 1 MIN READ
James R. Brown

Partner, Corporate, Toronto

On September 7, 2020, in a comprehensive letter to the Government of Ontario Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce (the Taskforce), we expressed our views on the 47 proposals of the Taskforce contained in its July 9, 2020 consultation report. As we previously reported, the Taskforce was formed to make recommendations to the Minister of Finance regarding the effectiveness and competitiveness of Ontario’s capital markets. The Taskforce sought comments by September 7, 2020 with a view to delivering a final report to the Minister of Finance by the end of 2020.

We are highly supportive of the Government of Ontario’s efforts to review and modernize Ontario’s capital markets and the Taskforce’s work toward regulatory proposals in Ontario in a manner that will achieve that goal. We also agree that capital formation and investment within Ontario should be balanced with effective investor protections but should not be impeded by an outdated or overly burdensome regulatory environment.

In our comment letter, we have highlighted those proposals that we support and those that we oppose.

To read more and view our comment letter, check out our post on the Risk Management and Crisis Response Blog entitled, “Osler comments on Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce consultation report.”