Emerging technologies in energy: Environmental and regulatory considerations for Western Canada

Environmental and regulatory considerations - treetops

Recent years have seen the emergence of new technologies in energy, driven largely by the global shift away from conventional fossil-fuel energy sources toward low-carbon sources of energy and new means of harnessing such sources. These emerging technologies include those for geothermal, lithium and hydrogen resources, which have been the subject of rapid policy and regulatory developments in Canada. Geothermal, lithium and hydrogen technologies are expected to continue to advance in the coming years, as they are increasingly adopted and implemented in Canada and globally.

The physical setting and resource development experience in Western Canada present tremendous opportunities for meaningful growth in the development of these energy resources. However, as is to be expected with emerging sectors, there are uncertainties with respect to the environmental risks and regulatory frameworks that apply, with considerations and regimes largely in a state of flux.

Created by Osler legal experts in conjunction with environmental specialists at Matrix Solutions Inc., Emerging technologies in energy is a three-part series that discusses the current environmental and regulatory considerations in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan associated with the development of the following: geothermal, lithium and blue hydrogen. Each section includes an introduction to the resource and a description of the process through which it is developed, followed by a discussion of environmental and regulatory considerations based on current technologies, legislation and recent experiences to help industry participants capitalize on opportunities and understand risks.

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