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CCDC 30 (2018) – Understand the integrated project delivery contract (Webinar)

Author(s): Joel Heard, Andrew Wong

Jun 8, 2021

The multiparty integrated project delivery contract is the basis for CCDC 30. This contract is designed to promote collaboration throughout the design and construction process, and to help establish responsibilities and obligations for each of the parties. In this webinar – the last of a four-part series – Joel Heard, partner, Commercial, and Andrew Wong, partner, Commercial, delve into the workings of this contract.

The integrated project management structure is centered on three teams:

  • senior management
  • project management
  • project implementation

With the senior project management team, an executive from each of ownership, consultant and contractor is represented here. Regular meetings are held and the team provides general project oversight. Decisions are made by unanimous vote.

One representative from each party forms the project management team. The team provides management-level guidance for collaboration, planning, design and construction of the project to achieve predetermined objectives. As well, the team has responsibility for project progress and benchmarks, metrics and standards.

Project implementation teams are interdisciplinary and cross-functional. Apart from representatives from each of the three main parties to the contract, subcontractors and suppliers are often represented. Working-level guidance is provided for implementation of the project components.

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