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Government of Québec proposes stricter French language law

Author(s): Alexandre Fallon, Sven Poysa, Julien Ranger

Dec 13, 2021

On May 13, 2021, the Government of Québec tabled An Act Respecting French, the Official and Common Language of Québec (the Act), which proposes the most significant changes to the Charter of the French Language (the Charter) since its enactment in 1977.

A number of these amendments, if adopted, would result in new and more onerous requirements and would present material and novel legal risks for those who carry on business in Québec. We have highlighted the most significant considerations that may apply should the legislation come into force. Several of these key amendments may be particularly significant in light of the new private right of action created in the Act, which could create material exposure for those not complying with the Act...