Our Students' Experience

  • My first summer at Osler has exceeded all expectations. The firm does an excellent job of seamlessly integrating its students from the very beginning. You find yourself working on a wide array of complex and stimulating files, alongside the best and brightest lawyers in their respective fields. You are made to feel comfortable from the instant you step into the office and the people here go out of their way to ensure that you are given every opportunity to grow and succeed. The firm’s culture of collegiality is pervasive, and I have been able to develop incredible professional relationships, as well as friendships. I am always astounded at how willing and eager people here are to take the time to answer questions, give advice or just to have a friendly conversation. The firm is dedicated to mentorship, both formally and informally, and I have found myself learning more every step of the way. Osler is the ideal place to launch a legal career, and I would not want to be anywhere else.

    Evan Belfer

  • The student experience at Osler strikes the perfect balance between providing summer students with interesting and complex corporate files and the legal and technical training that will build our foundations as successful future lawyers. Osler’s lean size and team-oriented dynamic quickly allow students to work closely with associates and partners on a day-to-day basis. Outside of work hours, students have plenty of opportunities to bond with one another and the entire Osler team at dinners, volunteer days and summer parties, making for a truly memorable summer at the firm.

    Joshua Blatt

  • My Osler student experience has been fantastic! I’ve had the opportunity to work with great colleagues and supportive mentors throughout the summer. Despite having to work virtually due to the pandemic, everyone at Osler made incredible efforts to keep us engaged with a number of social events. There were many opportunities to interact with lawyers from different practice areas during our training sessions. Osler’s training program made the transition into a law firm environment seamless. You have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented lawyers that mentor you throughout your time at Osler. Osler is a great place to start your legal career!

    Nik Popovski

    Summer Student 2020, Toronto

  • To say that summer 2020 was unusual would be an understatement. Overnight, the whole world seemed to turn upside down as social distancing became required and work from home became a reality. Osler responded to these rapid changes by leveraging its culture of innovation to virtually onboard us students so that we would still have the world class training and summer experience that the firm is known for. The training I received ensured I had the tools necessary to meaningfully contribute to the complex and interesting work available. The firm provided me with excellent mentors who helped me to develop and improve my legal skills. Osler invested in me because they want me to become an excellent, long-term member of the team. The summer program ensured that I had the opportunity to meet and connect with both the lawyers at the firm and the rest of the summer student cohort through virtual events. These events helped me integrate into the culture of the firm, even though I could not be there in person to experience it. There is no question that the skills I gained this summer at Osler have set me on a path to being a successful lawyer. It was certainly a summer to remember!

    Sean Timlick

    Summer Student 2020, Toronto

  • The Osler student program provides the opportunity to become an integral part of fascinating and complex files. We recently had the opportunity to assist with a Mareva injunction that involved the assets of a foreign state which touched on novel issues including the interplay of international and Canadian law, and the application of international treaties, the State Immunity Act, and arbitration rules. Not only did we have the chance to work closely as a cohesive group of our peers which was an excellent experience and something that has made our experience at Osler unique, but we were also integrated as core members of the team with the lawyers working on the file. We had the opportunity to be involved at all stages which included research, drafting, preparing submissions and we saw the file through to its ultimate settlement. Assisting with this case has been a highlight of our Articling experience thus far. We had the opportunity to delve deep into exciting areas of the law, work alongside peers who have become friends, and learn from brilliant lawyers.

    Sarah Firestone, Adam Margeson & Emily Wang

  • Osler provides you with the unique opportunity to help shape the firm and the culture. It is not often that you get the chance to help build an office of a national firm in such a large market. Everyone at Osler is excited to be there and genuinely enjoy working with one another. For students who enjoy a challenge and hands on learning, Osler is the perfect place. You are given interesting and important tasks early on, as well as a great deal of support and feedback to ensure you are truly learning and able to see how the work you do progresses. During my summer I was able to participate in a variety of activities and work on multiple transactions in order to get a better understanding of the work lawyers do and the variety of practice areas out there.

    Megan Young

    Summer Student 2019, Vancouver

  • Throughout the Course aux stages process, you hear the word “fit” without really understanding what it means. It isn’t until you set foot in the Osler office that it really makes sense. Right from the start, you feel connected to a team and, in spite of your different personalities, there is a common thread that unites you. During my summer at Osler, I had the privilege of participating in a range of interesting and challenging mandates touching on various areas of the law. The fact that the lawyers took the time to explain their work and made themselves available to answer our questions were key factors in making this a unique, rewarding experience. In addition, as part of the summer program, we were able to participate in activities and training, and were paired up with a buddy, so we felt supported throughout the summer. It’s inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by lawyers who aim for excellence in their day-to-day work and see teamwork as the cornerstone of success!

    Asma Berrak

  • Osler's training and mentoring initiatives went above and beyond my expectations. Our first two weeks at the firm were devoted to a wide array of training sessions, ranging from research workshops to affidavit-commissioning simulations. Every aspect of our training was thoughtfully designed to prepare us for meaningful, high-level work. I also greatly appreciated Osler’s multi-level mentorship system, where every student is assigned an Articling Buddy, and Associate Buddy, a Tag-Along Partner, and an Advisor. These connections provided invaluable support and guidance on both matters big and small. Altogether, my summer at Osler has been a testament to the firm's investment in its students, and its commitment to providing us with the skills essential to a budding legal career.

    Maryna Polataiko

    2018 Summer Student, 2019/2020 Articling Student, Toronto

  • If your goal is to become an exceptional lawyer, Osler is an ideal place to start your career. From my first day as a summer student, I was engaged in challenging files and learned from mentors who were invested in my development. Without exception, the lawyers were generous with their knowledge and time. They went beyond the “how” and “what” of a given task and discussed the “why”, sharing insights into overall strategy for the file and the role of each team member. 

    The student program provides exposure to the wide range of law practiced at Osler, but also gives students the ability to specialize in areas of interest. I knew that I wanted to do solicitor work, and was able to rotate through the corporate, technology, franchising, and commercial real estate practice groups. Over the course of my summer and articling year, I participated in multi-day negotiations of commercial agreements, did pro-bono leasing work, and assisted with a financing round for one of my favourite apps.

    When I joined the firm, I knew that I would be working with brilliant lawyers and learning alongside talented students; two years later, those people have become my trusted mentors and close friends. I had a wonderful experience as a student and am excited to return as an associate.

    Sarah Sharp

    2016, Summer Student, 2017/2018 Articling Student, Toronto

  • My experience at Osler has been enriching. When looking for a firm in which to summer, my mentor advised me to look for a place I did not intend to leave. After having completed a summer here, I know that this is a place where I can grow. The partners and associates at the firm are committed to the students’ learning experience in a genuine way. I will remember fondly the willingness of partners to take me along to section meetings, to explain concepts to me, and to assist me in reviewing my first assignments. As I summered, I saw a commitment to helping me find the areas in which I would succeed while challenging me to improve in those that were a little more difficult. Most importantly, there is a true commitment to wellness in the firm. Your wellbeing is a priority and is fostered by the kinds of people who care about ensuring you are on your path to a long and fulfilling career as both a lawyer, and a beneficial member of society. The commitment to diversity has gone beyond lip-service; here, I feel seen, heard and celebrated because of my differences rather than in spite of them.

    Abigail Ywaya

    Summer Student, Vancouver