Owner Payment Date Calculator

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The following calculator allows you to determine the payment deadlines for your project, under the prompt payment regime under the Construction Act of Ontario effective October 1, 2019. The date of submission and date of receipt may vary. Please check your contract for the actual or deemed date of receipt. For more help understanding Ontario’s Construction Act and other construction issues, please visit our Construction toolkit page.

To use this calculator you must enter the details requested below:

Enter the date of receipt or deemed receipt of proper invoice* by the Owner.


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*Definition of proper invoice under the Construction Act

“Proper invoice” means a written bill or other request for payment for services or materials in respect of an improvement under a contract, if it contains the following information and, subject to subsection 6.3 (2) of the Construction Act, meets any other requirements that the contract specifies:

  1. The contractor’s name and address.
  2. The date of the proper invoice and the period during which the services or materials were supplied.
  3. Information identifying the authority, whether in the contract or otherwise, under which the services or materials were supplied.
  4. A description, including quantity where appropriate, of the services or materials that were supplied.
  5. The amount payable for the services or materials that were supplied, and the payment terms.
  6. The name, title, telephone number and mailing address of the person to whom payment is to be sent.
  7. Any other information that may be prescribed.