Emerging and High Growth Companies 101 series

Emerging and high growth companies will be confronted with a wide range of complex issues and legal requirements at various stages of the business life cycle, from incubation through the growth trajectory. Your preparedness for and response to these matters can shape the success of your business and guard against potential liabilities.

Having the proper strategies in place to navigate these challenges is key to conserving valuable resources and helping your company gain a foothold in the market. In our Emerging and High Growth Companies 101 series, we provide you with practical tips on developing effective strategies to proactively respond to and manage the matters and risks your emerging venture will encounter as it scales.

Each topic in our series includes both a webinar and PowerPoint component to help prepare you to navigate the following issues:

IP 101: Developing robust strategies

It’s important for emerging and high growth companies to start thinking about their IP strategies as soon as possible to save valuable time and money. Our presentation helps you understand the types of IP existing in your business and how you can think about IP in your own terms.

What you need to know about developing IP strategies

Sales negotiations 101: Streamlining commercial contracts

Negotiating commercial contracts is a crucial part of the path to revenue for emerging and high growth companies. Our presentation details best practices for streamlining sales negotiations.

What you should know about negotiating commercial contracts

Litigation and disputes 101: Proactive risk management

Litigation and disputes are sometimes unavoidable for emerging and high growth companies as they scale. Our presentation outlines risk management tips and what you need to know if confronted with a dispute.

Understand how to minimize litigation risk

Employment law 101: Managing risks and liabilities

From employment agreements to understanding when to engage someone as an independent contractor or an employee, emerging and high growth companies will encounter many employment-related matters. Our presentation describes key employment law issues and offers best practices for risk management.

Learn more about navigating employment law issues

Venture capital firms 101: Going behind the scenes

Securing venture capital (VC) financing can be challenging for emerging and high growth companies, so understanding how VC firms work can be an advantage in this competitive space. Our presentation gives you a behind-the-scenes look at VC firms, including what they look for when investing.

Learn more about how VC firms work

Selling your business 101: From planning to closing

For emerging and high growth companies, selling a business requires careful planning and extensive preparation well before getting to a deal. Our presentation explains the key considerations when selling your business, ranging from risk assessment and management to closing a deal.

What you should consider when selling a business

Workplace harassment 101: Risk management strategies

Workplace harassment is a business-critical issue that all employers should take very seriously, particularly in the emerging and high growth companies space. Our presentation describes key obligations and risk management techniques with respect to workplace harassment.

Understand your obligations

Open source software 101: Compliance and risk management

Protecting source codes is a key concern for many emerging and high growth companies. Our presentation explains the associated risks of using open source software and offers best practices to guard against unintended consequences.

Learn more about open source software

U.S. and Canadian compensation issues 101: Navigating and structuring awards

From employment law to complex tax law, your business will encounter a wide range of Canadian and cross-border compensation issues as it scales. Our presentation provides an overview of the types of matters you will have to navigate, ranging from commonly used equity awards to deferred compensation and more.

Understand executive compensation issues

Venture debt 101: Extending your startup’s runway

Securing financing as your emerging venture scales is critical, as is deciding on the right type of financing arrangement for your business. Our presentation explains the types of debt and financing options available and the pros and cons to each.

Navigate venture debt and financing options

Negotiating leases 101: Implications of deal terms and extensions

Finding the right space for your emerging venture can be challenging, but negotiating a lease can be a more complex process. Our presentation explains the nuances involved in negotiating a lease, including deal terms, inducements, relocation and termination of landlord rights and more.

Discover how to negotiate leases

Early stage term sheets 101: Leveraging best practices

As your emerging and high growth company raises capital, you will encounter early stage term sheets. From getting to a term sheet to choosing the right investor, the goal of our presentation is to help you effectively navigate these issues.

Read more about early stage term sheets

Privacy and anti-spam 101: Addressing risks and maintaining compliance

From privacy compliance to Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL), privacy and anti-spam issues can arise at various stages of the business life cycle for emerging and high growth companies. Our presentation explores strategies to help you identify and address these issues and associated risks as they occur.

Learn more about navigating privacy and anti-spam issues

IP 101: Protecting your ideas your way

Building an effective IP strategy can help your emerging venture safeguard valuable assets and achieve commercial success. In our presentation, we examine key issues surrounding intellectual property strategy, including when to think about IP as your business grows, how you can use IP to gain a competitive advantage and manage risk, and how you can incorporate value-added IP awareness to your business.

Gain insights into building an IP strategy

Employment law 101: From hiring to firing

Emerging and high growth companies will be confronted with a wide range of complex employment issues as they gain a foothold in the market. This presentation examines five key employment law issues you will face as your company scales, including hiring and terminating employees, the importance of employment agreements, and employment compliance issues.

Understand more about employment law issues

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