Gillian Scott assumes new role as Partner, Innovative Products

Gillian S.G. Scott

Nov 8, 2019

Osler is pleased to announce that Gillian Scott has taken on a new role as Partner, Innovative Products, as part of the firm’s overall innovation strategy and commitment to delivering maximum value to our clients. In her unique, client-facing business role, Gillian will lead the development, staffing, pricing,  launch and sale of new legal service offerings that address clients’ pain points and service gaps. Gillian’s first focus in the role will be  on Osler Dash, the Franchise and Distribution Group’s automated franchise disclosure and e-contracting product.

Gillian is also a member of the firm’s Innovation Council and will be on the front lines of transforming the business of law. She’ll be working closely with the Innovation team, our Osler Works group and our client development team to ensure the delivery of client-focused innovative solutions, products and services. Her role is an extension of Osler’s innovation platform, through which the firm funds new tools and projects and provides expert guidance, technology, resources and project management support – all with our clients’ point of value in mind.

Gillian brings 15 years as a commercial litigator and litigation partner at Osler and several years in Client Development to her role, giving her a unique understanding of client challenges and business objectives.

If you’d like to find out more information, please contact Gillian.