Osler Works – Transactional

It’s simply better. Here’s why.

Osler Works – Transactional leads the way in delivering corporate and commercial transaction solutions.

By pairing the expertise of our specialized team of lawyers and business professionals with innovative legal technologies, we deliver better outcomes, improved efficiencies and lower, predictable legal fees. The result is customized, end-to-end transaction guidance and support.

What does this look like in practice? That depends on the situation.

For some, it may mean due diligence support throughout the course of a complex acquisition or IPO. For others, it could include the review of a portfolio of leases so that the risks are uncovered and understood. In other cases, it may be the provision of an end-to-end financing solution that involves the generation and negotiation of a suite of financing documents, use of legal transaction management software to close the deal and a portal to easily compare deal over deal.  

Ultimately, clients benefit from the best of both worlds: the efficient, cost-effective provision of services Osler Works – Transactional makes possible and the bespoke legal counsel they’ve come to expect from Osler.

Changing the landscape

Osler Works – Transactional, our in-house ALSP for transactions, focuses on providing high quality work at a lower price by combining our team’s expert knowledge of complex transactions with cutting-edge processes and technologies that improve efficiencies and offer a host of business advantages. This isn’t simply technology for technology’s sake. Rather, we take a considered approach and only apply these solutions when it makes sense to do so. Osler Works – Transactional is particularly effective on certain types of deals that we act on frequently and on complex transactions with high-volume core components, such as contract analysis and review (including due diligence), agreement generation and negotiation, closings, document automation, and compliance and entity management.

With the novel approach adopted by Osler Works – Transactional, you benefit from end-to-end transactional services that feature:

  • A dedicated transactions team of full-time legal experts and other professionals who are integrated into Osler’s broader corporate/commercial practice. To date, this team has provided tailored solutions on thousands of complex matters.
  • Our ongoing commitment to embrace and effect change that will improve your experiences. Our team is curious and creative; we are constantly scanning the evolving technological landscape to find new ways to deliver solutions to you. To that end, we work with vendors – including Kira Systems, Closing Folders, DocuSign, Contract Express and HighQ – to maximize the ability of their technologies to meet your needs.
  • Creative yet practical solutions developed through the optimal combination of expertise, processes and technology. We are involved throughout the lifecycle of the transaction, providing support on an ongoing and as needed basis.
  • An emphasis on collaborating with you to understand your business and what matters to you most. The result? A better work product, improved turn-around time and lower costs on your specific transactional requirements.

A proven approach

Since its launch in 2016, our growing Osler Works – Transactional team has assisted clients in a broad range of practice areas in streamlining their transactional processes, saving time and costs. Consider the numbers:

>5,658+ matters since 2016, >306,455+ documents reviewed, >2,183,767+ provisions reviewed


Natalie Munroe

Chief, Osler Works - Transactional & Legal Operations


Sandra Sbrocchi

Head, Osler Works - Transactional


Sergey Stefanishin

Associate Director, Osler Works – Transactional


Carolynn Goldman

Associate Director, Corporate Services, Osler Works – Transactional


Kyle Abrey

Associate Director, Financial Services, Osler Works - Transactional


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    Québecor and its wholly-owned subsidiary Videotron Ltd. in their $2.85 billion acquisition of Freedom Mobile Inc. from Rogers Communications Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc.

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