Province releases proposed Growth Plan Amendments

Jun 17, 2020 1 MIN READ
Chris Barnett

Partner, Municipal, Land Use Planning and Development; Real Estate, Toronto

On June 16, 2020, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing released proposed Amendment 1 to the A Place to Grow. 

The proposed changes include expanding the potential for employment land conversions if land is in a provincially significant employment zone and also in a major transit station area. Aggregate extraction is also proposed to be permitted in the habitat of endangered and threatened species.

The Province also released new growth projections to 2051, which are attached as schedules to the Plan. A comprehensive report was also released, and can be found here [PDF].

Proposed Amendment 1 allows municipalities to set higher forecasts than those contained in the Plan, if they are established through a municipal comprehensive review.

Osler has prepared a blackline showing the proposed changes in Amendment 1, with the schedules attached for reference. Amendment 1 is open for public comment until July 31, 2020.

APTG 2019 – Blackline comparison