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Insights on new CCDC contracts

Jul 9, 2021 2 MIN READ
Paula Olexiuk

Partner, Energy and Construction, Calgary

Andrew Wong

Partner, Commercial, Toronto

Ethan McCarthy

Associate, Construction, Toronto

Joel Heard

Partner, Commercial, Toronto

Jagriti Singh

Associate, Commercial, Toronto

Contract form

New CCDC contracts have been developed to reflect changing legislation and evolving industry practices. Osler’s Construction and Infrastructure Group share insights and observations on these new CCDC contracts in a four-part webinar series now available on demand at the links provided below.

Part 1: The new CCDC documents overview

In this Part, Andrew Wong and Jagriti Singh  provide an overview of the series. Andrew deals with the CCDC 30 multiparty integrated project delivery contract. Jagriti covers the CCDC 2 and CCDC 31 — both used in the traditional design-bid-build project delivery model.

Part 2: CCDC 2 (2020) – Unravel the changes

The 2020 version of the CCDC 2 replaces the 2008 version. It is important to understand what has changed before using this new version of the contract for construction projects. In this Part, Paula Olexiuk provides an in-depth review of the changes.

Part 3: CCDC 31 (2020) – A new consultant contract

The CCDC 31 is the new consultant contract. In this Part, Ethan McCarthy shares his insights on this new contract including important commercial considerations such as intellectual property and professional liability.

Part 4: CCDC 30 (2018) – Understand the integrated project delivery contract

The new CCDC 30 is designed to promote collaboration throughout the design and construction process, and to help establish responsibilities and obligations for each of the parties. In this Part, Joel Heard delves into the workings of this new contract and its use with the integrated project delivery model.

Each topic in the series is designed to help you navigate the changes in this area of the industry. We hope you find the information insightful.