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Osler Code Detect – Use open source software without the worry

Jun 25, 2018

Understand and manage open source software risks

Open source software may be free, but the costs can be high if you fail to manage licensing risks that can compromise your projects, patent rights, future profits and even your reputation. Osler Code Detect helps you identify and manage open source license risks.

Free and simple to use, Osler Code Detect (usable on Chrome, Firefox and Opera desktop browsers) is a web application that locally scans your source code to identify open source licenses that pose the highest risk and provides results in an easy-to-understand, visualized format. Learn more about this tool by reading the FAQs and watching the demo video.

Who should use Osler Code Detect and why?

Anyone developing or acquiring ownership of software (including technology companies, financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers and other enterprises that own software)

Use Osler Code Detect to help you:

Monitor your development team’s use of open source software

Perform acceptance testing of code developed for you by a service provider

Perform due diligence when acquiring ownership of software developed by someone else

Prepare for a financing or sale of your business

Investors in and purchasers of technology companies

Use Osler Code Detect to help you:

Perform due diligence on open source usage (without taking possession of the source code)

Ensure that companies you own or invest in use open source software responsibly


Osler Code Detect works with Chrome, Firefox and Opera desktop browsers. Learn more about this tool by reading the FAQs and watching the demo video.

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Whether you develop software, or are looking to invest in a company that does, our Technology Law Team offers a range of services to help you manage and mitigate open source license risks.

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